ARCH 103 Freehand Drawing                                Fall 2018-2019


Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa ÖNGE




This course introduces students free hand drawing and to describe how to make architectural sketches.


ARCH103 is designed to improve students’skills of visual expression with the help of sketches drawn by them on various subjects. In this course the students are introduced free hand drawing techniques by using proper equipment. The students are expected to visualize and illustrate objects, spaces and both built and natural environment by drawing.




The course schedule starts with basic line exercises for teaching the students the use of line with different lineweights and drawing instruments. This is followed by studies on light, tone and color. Sketches on different subjects are drawn by the students on each course to improve the ability of visual perception and the use of drawing media. In the context of this course the students use sketch book and papers of specified size, one for using during the course and the other for the homework. The students are expected to submit their homeworks at the beginning of each session and their studiowork at the end of each session, for evaluation and grading.

All students should bring their own equipment. The students, who do not bring their equipment and the late comers will not be accepted to the lesson.

The students who take this course are responsible for obeying all the rules.




ARCH103 Freehand Drawing  does not require mid-term and final exams as defined in “Çankaya Üniversitesi Ön Lisans ve Lisans E─čitim ve Ö─čretim Yönetmeli─či”, Article 24,


* Please be aware that attendance lower than 80% will be graded as NA!




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